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SDGs appeal to companies of all sizes and forms to support sustainable development with their investments, innovative solutions and established business practices. This should lead to a decrease in negative impacts of their activities and an increase in positive contribution to the sustainable development programme. We are looking to support companies like that.

Public sector

The sustainable development agenda does not only apply to businesses but to all of us, the general public and also non-commercial actors that are welcome to show their effort in fulfilling the SDGs. We call for all NGOs, public sector organisations, schools and other institutions to come forward with their sustainable projects.

Award for Young Leaders under 30

Our future is being created by the young generation, slowly taking the lead and setting the direction of our society. We give recognition to those who create a better world with innovative and sustainable projects, those who have achieved remarkable results in sustainable development before reaching the age of 30. That is why we believe they deserve our full attention. The award is held in partnership with Forbes Czech Republic.

Best SDGs reports

Companies around the world are increasingly changing their business models to meet social needs and incorporate the SDGs not only into their sustainable strategy but also into their financial reports. According to a recent study by PwC, more than 60% include the SDGs in their annual reports. For correct and effective reporting according to the SDGs, it is important to begin with identifying the relevant SDGs and choosing the correct evaluation metrics to understand the bigger picture. We are looking for the best non-financial reports of 2016/2017 that reflect the SDGs.

Expert Panel Award

Out of all applications, our panel of experts will choose the best SDGs project which will receive the Expert Panel Award.

Czech Development Agency Award

The Czech Development Agency Award is given for a significant contribution to the SDGs and the goals and principles of international development aid. The award is open to nominees from the business category, NGOs, academic and research sectors, cities and municipalities. It is awarded for innovative solutions to the issues of global sustainable development, created in close cooperation between a Czech and a foreign actor from a developing country.

The panel of experts shows the strength of Private Public Partnership (PPP), the cooperation among different sectors.

Organisations represented in the panel:

Association of Social Responsibility
Czech Development Agency
Ministry of Industry and Trade
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Unilever Czech Republic
Veolia Czech Republic
Forbes Czech Republic
UN Information Centre in Prague
Ministry of the Environment
Global Compact Network Czech Republic
Deloitte Czech Republic
Zachraň jídlo (Save the Food)